How to Get Rid of Nervousness When Approaching Girls??

While reading this great post on my regular shopping website Sex Toys 24/7 I was drawn to write about why guys find it hard to approach girls – from my conversations with guys it became obvious, nothing to talk about! – I hope to relieve some of the tension on this topic in this post.

bigstock-Man-In-Bed-6546651Do you often get nervous or feel shy while talking to girls of your age …

Memorable First Date Ideas

Close-up of two nerds holding newspaper.Recently I was reading the timeout article on date ideas. When you’re planning a first date with a new woman it’s easy to fall back on the standard dinner and a movie. But such a common date isn’t likely to catch a woman’s attention or create a lasting impression. Here are some first date ideas that are sure to set you apart from other men.

Cheap date ideas

  1. Take

5 Reasons You Have a Headache

25MH03BMBills, deadlines, and crying babies: They’re pretty much guaranteed to give you a headache. But there are other things that can be the problem – and they are easy to fix.

Check out these five brain pain culprits so you can steer clear and keep your head in the game all day long.

You’re too stressed: Take a chill pill because research confirms stress is literally a headache. Ok forgive …

Signs Your Girlfriend is Losing Interest

mNxewpAxAR6kQhUyGEgTBpwWe have all been there: one minute you’re in a happy relationship, the next your girlfriend is pulling away. She may be distracted by issues at work or with friends and family, or she may be reconsidering the relationship. But how do you know what’s really causing her distance? Here are some signs that your girlfriend isn’t distracted, but losing interest in you.

What did you do wrong?

  1. She breaks

Sure Shot Ways of Shedding Your Inhibitions and Picking up Women

Young man lying in bed, young woman kneeling on bed in foreground-1196055Have you ever wondered if there are really any particular best methods of picking up women? Often guys find girls they so desperately want to go up to and initiate a conversation with, but their fear holds them back.

There are some important things you must be aware of before making your first move. You need to acquaint yourself with some important things which girls like and dislike in general. …

5 Prostate Cancer Prevention Tips

prevention1No guy wants to hear that they have prostate cancer-  the very thought is terrifying for most men. Here are 5 steps you can take that may reduce your risk of prostate cancer—starting right now.


Drink Coffee: Regular, decaf, half-caf, whatever—it’s all good. Researchers have proven that men who drank six or more cups of regular or decaf coffee where less likely to develop advanced prostate cancer. There is …

5 Fat Loss Foods that Make Your Life Easier

Baked SalmonThere’s an old saying: “Abs are made in the kitchen.” But perhaps the following statement is more accurate: “Abs are destroyed in the kitchen!” And at the drive-thru via Macca’s or KFC.

In todays busy world it is crucial that we plan ahead. We get tired, lazy and busy – so it is crucial that we have a nutritional back up plan. My solution – these 5 “fat loss” foods …

5 Dating Tips to Turn a Casual Relationship into a Steady One


porn starDating girls can turn out to be either frustrating or interesting. Regardless of how you feel about it, you need to date them so as to discover the one with whom you can get old. Hence, you can’t help but take it seriously. …

4 Things You Should Never Do in the Shower

couple-in-showerYour shower can be an awkward, dangerous place—and we don’t just mean what happens when you bring a woman home. Whether your with a woman or alone, a shower can be a dangerous place when you hop in and steam up.  Avoid making these wet moves to avoid injury and embarrassment. Run down this checklist before getting wet and wild…

How to Get a Girl to Kiss You on the First Date Itself?


bed-man-womanA large majority of guys find it extremely hard to land a kiss on their first date. You deserve a sweet kiss on all the dates you go on and the same goes for the very first date too. If you’re unable to get a kiss on the first date, chances are bleak that you may get it in the subsequent ones. Following are three sure shot methods of …